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February 2024 Events 

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 See what we are bringing awareness to, activities and events Bella Smiles for Developmental Disabilities are participating in throughout the month. 

February Events 


Awareness for Children with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities 

February is Children with Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. Throughout the month we will be talking about the facts, tips and resources about IDD. Keep an eye on our social media sites to see all our posts about Children with IDD. 

February 3rd

Anniversary Fundraiser Planning Committee Meeting 

We will be having our first planning meeting for our 4th Anniversary Fundraiser. We are excited for another year serving children with developmental disabilities. In order to do all the things we have planned we need help funding. Our Anniversary Fundraiser allows us to celebrate all we accomplished during the year and raise more money for the upcoming year. If you are interested in donating your time, money or skills for the fundraiser or throughout the year please email us. 

February 17th 

Vending at Metaphysical Market 

We Vend the items our mothers in Uganda make. This helps pays for our bills here in Washington but also in Uganda. We also bring awareness to the things we are doing in Washington and Uganda. We also encourage others to help with our survey. This month we will be in Arlington Washington to sell the beautiful items that were made with love. Check us out!!!

February 29th 

Rare Disease Day 

There are about 300 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with a rare disease. About half of these people are children. There are over 7,000 rare diseases.  It is always a struggle to find doctors, resources and community when you live with a rare disease. With Awareness we can help to bridge the gap for those who live with a rare disease and the help and resources they need to thrive. 

February 3

Youtube Video Post: Children of color with developmental disabilities 

We will be posting on our Youtube Channel about children of color with IDD and how that affects them and their families. 

February 17th 

Random Acts of Kindness Day

For this day we encourage you to spread kindness through random acts. Doing something kind for others benefits both you as the person doing the kind act or the person receiving the kind act. Let's make the world a better place for each other and do something kind!

February 15th 

International Childhood Cancer Day 

Children who have childhood cancer are much more prone to having developmental difficulties as they grow. More awareness and research needs to be done so that we can help these children thrive after treatment. 

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