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About the Founder

Born and raised in Uganda, Teddy comes from a walk of humble beginning. Teddy’s story is long but in short here is the version:

Teddy started her journey as a social worker right from childhood where she had to advocate and care for almost eleven siblings back in Uganda. Teddy then moved on to complete her bachelor’s in social science at Makerere University -Uganda.

At World Vision Uganda

Right after her graduation, Teddy joined World Vision Uganda: where she was a community worker, she served children who were basically orphanages due to HIV /AIDS in Kyanamukaka-Masaka Uganda for almost three years.


Relocation to New York - USA

From World vision Teddy then got married to her sweet heart and moved to New York-USA which was a cultural shock “ the city that does not sleep” so busy Teddy , with the love for children was lucky to start working as a case worker with almost three different foster care agencies(Family and Children’s services, Graham Windham and Jewish Board for Children and families) where she attained almost eleven years of experience in child welfare in America. Teddy as she hustled the life in America obtained a scholarship and attended Columbia University school of Social Work right in the heart of New York -Manhattan where she obtained her Masters Degree in Social work.


By then Teddy, was struggling in her marriage she had medical condition called endometriosis : which caused her to undergo IVF treatment to get her first child. With joy Teddy and her then husband received their first baby Sabrine who later was diagnosed with autism at two and half years : with all these new developments , Teddy experienced domestic violence which led her to relocated to Washington state where she struggled and was assisted by two main organizations Step by step please read Teddy’s story at: and Catherine’s Place


Before she knew it Teddy had relocated with no job, with a special need child and she was pregnant . Teddy had her second daughter in 2015 named her Sabella . At this time Teddy was working with Washington state and continues to work with the state with Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) Teddy also works as a per-diam social worker in the Emergency Room(ER) with Catholic Health Initiative(CHI) where she encounters people who need assistance due to mental health crisis and homelessness.


Teddy is a mother now to a child Sabella with Rett Syndrome: when Sabella was diagnosed Teddy who was dealing with her own medical challenges(fighting cancer twice) had gone through mastectomy and a reconstruction, it seemed like bad luck was striking Teddy from all corners but Teddy kept two things at heart; her smile and trust in God.

Its these two that have motivated a single struggling mother of two special needs children to start a nonprofit to support families like hers pave the way to empower and provide evidence based approaches to services for children with developmental disabilities in Uganda.

“Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to read about me in the eyes of my mom since I’m nonverbal. But hey, mom has always been my advocate. I was born on July 5, 2015, at midnight at Tacoma General in Washington. Mom says it was an easy delivery since she was watching fireworks.

It’s been a journey for me and my family since my birth. Mom says I uttered words at the age of 2, but I lost my words when I received my vaccinations. Of course, my doctor said there is no research to back up the coloration of immunizations with my condition. But that’s how my journey started.

When I was 2 and a half years old, I was diagnosed with autism. But aside from that, I had a lot of other health issues going, including breathing problems and reflux. My mom spent almost every month taking me in the emergency room. She requested for another neurologist’s test/evaluation. In February 2020, I had a very high fever. I remembered this was the time of COVID-19. I felt scared that I may have contracted the virus.

I was rushed to the ER where they said I was fine. It was in March when Dr. Makari from Mary Bridge Children's Hospital (neurology) saw me on a virtual visit. He said I may have Rett syndrome. My mom went off with lots of questions, ‘What? How? Why? When? Oh

Jesus! Help my Bella (as she likes referring to me).’

Of course, I had to go through genetic testing to confirm the diagnosis. In June 2020, I was officially diagnosed with Rett syndrome. Please read more about this horrible diagnosis here,


My Struggles


Now you know my diagnosis, here are some of what I’m struggling with:

  • I have trouble breathing.
  • I have reflux.
  • I experience constipation.
  • I feel pain.
  • I have sleep disorders, particularly insomnia.
  • I have lost my hands’ motor skills. I used to feed myself but now I can’t. I'm starting to lose my mobility.
  • I have autistic-like symptoms. I don’t socialize with other typical kids.
  • I make sounds that make others around me wonder what is wrong with me.
  • I can’t concentrate. I'm always on the go, running around like a chicken.
  • I flap my hands all the time
  • I have no sense of direction.
Things I Love to Do:


  • I love water.
  • I love music.
  • I love eating.
  • I love food, so I’m always eating.
  • I love musical toys.
  • What Others Love About Me
  • They love my smile.
  • They love how I can be funny.
Thanks for all your support


I would like to thank my family, especially my mom and Jajja (grandma) for always being there for me. They are my support.


I would love to thank Mary Bridge Children's Hospital for all the wrap-around services that I get from them, particularly occupation therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and on-going medical and neurological support.


I also want to thank DDA, the state department that provides me with personal and respite care. My mom and Jajja always love DDA because they help them have self-care.


Maxima provides me with applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy (my mom will explain this!). I feel like I am privileged to be in America and to be a US citizen. I have all the support I need to help me be the person I want to be. Because of this, I would love it if you help us help other children in Uganda like me. Help them have what I have.


Thank you for reading my story!”

- Sabella


Meet My Family

Raising Sabella

It’s a been a journey, but God is good. We have been able to manage with all the supports that Sabella has. I still sleep with Sabella in the same bed since she has breathing problems, reflux, and sleeping problems. I do not know how many times I do laundry in a day for her because of her constantly throwing up. I love my granddaughter!

It has been hard to see her regress, especially when she is dealing with motor skills and now that she is losing her mobility. Another hard part is to see her in pain! I thank God every day that she is in a country where she has access to healthcare services and receives the supports she needs.

I want to thank DDA because I am able to work as a caregiver for my granddaughter. I also want to thank Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital for all the support and services they provide to this beautiful flower of ours. In addition, I would like to thank Sabella’s ABA technician who has become her friend and joy.

We love you Bella. May your name make a difference for other children and families like ours in Uganda.”

- Jajja

Contact Information

401 Broadway Suite 100 Tacoma WA 98402

P.O Box 26852 Kampala Uganda

Uganda contact (256)771-995360

In the US (253)213-0065

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