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November Events 

See what we are bringing awareness to and what activities Bella Smiles for Developmental Disabilities are participating in throughout the month. 

November 1:  International Stress Awareness Day 

International Stress Awareness Day is all about bringing awareness to tips that you can do to lower stress. We all have lots of stressors we deal with in our lives, especially families that deal with children with developmental disabilities. It is so important to take time and lower stress so that you can provide the care your children and families needs to thrive.   

International Stress Awareness routine.png

November 11th Holiday Bazaar @ Kaleidoscope Family Gym 

On Saturday November 11, 2023, Kaleidoscope Family Gym is Hosting a Holiday Bazaar for Venders. The holiday bazaar will be open from 9am to 3pm right on Meridian in Puyallup.  We will be attending as a vender and selling our homemade African items like stuffed animals', reusable bags, aprons and potholders, baskets and hanging hot plates/placemats and some other smaller items. The moms from Uganda take time to help make these items so and in return we help get their children diagnosed and  help them with transportation to much need evidence based services. 

Holiday Bazaar Kaleidoscope Family Gym.jpg

November 14th World Diabetes Day 

November is National Diabetes Awareness and on November 14th it's World Diabetes Day where we are bringing awareness about childhood onset of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is generally diagnosed when a child is 4-10 years old and is an autoimmune disease. Type 2 diabetes affects children who are insulin resistant due to other diseases, medication or an unbalanced diet.  It often is a comorbid illness to children with developmental disabilities. This can make childcare even more stressful. 

National Diabetes.png

November 25, 2023 Vending @ Red Barn Market & Nursery 

We will be vending On Saturday Nov 25, 2023 at the Red Barn Market & Nursery. They will be Selling Christmas Trees, holiday wreaths, having local venders and pictures with Santa. Come check out the Red Barn and our table for your holiday shopping. 

Red Barn Market and Nursery Holiday flyer.jpg
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