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Our Program Areas

Our Program Areas

We engage the community in our campaigns

Awareness creation

To promote the acceptability of children living with developmental disabilities and reduce stigma associated with DDs within Ugandan communities and create an informed public about diagnosis and treatment of childhood developmental disabilities in Uganda.

Assistive technology

To assist where necessary with assistive technology items to our children who need more assistance in completing their daily living activities in order to provide them with more independence and live a more transformed life.

Empowerment of families

Our holistic approach of initiatives is tallied under our organic diapers, sewed items by our parents, herbal oils, and our thrift stores all in which is to provide financial sustainability to our children and families. Through parent to parent mentoring families will gain more understanding of how to support each other in raising and coping with challenges associated with developmental disabilities.

Evidence based program

To provide services that are evidence-based for children with developmental disabilities. Improve on early childhood screening and diagnosis to enable determine of treatment for children with developmental disabilities provide speech therapy, occupational therapy, specialized education, and ABA. Increased number of CWDDS accessing and receiving health care facilities and services

Internship and volunteer program

To provide training opportunities to internship and volunteers engaged in ABA, Speech, Occupational and Physical therapies


Lives that have been positively impacted


Contact Information

401 Broadway Suite 100 Tacoma WA 98402

P.O Box 26852 Kampala Uganda

Uganda contact (256)771-995360

In the US (253)213-0065

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